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Welcome to BSides Mumbai 2024

Event Rules:

  • Rule 1: Refrain from compromising the CTF infrastructure.
  • Rule 2: Avoid using automated scans.
  • Rule 3: If encountering issues with challenges, reach out directly to the respective authors for assistance.
  • Rule 4: Refrain from soliciting flags from authors or fellow participants.
  • Rule 5: Do not share any content that could potentially discriminate against individuals based on factors such as race, color, religion, nationality, gender, etc.
  • Rule 6: If approached by another participant requesting flags/help/hints, provide a screenshot for documentation, and appropriate action will be taken while maintaining confidentiality.
  • Rule 7: BSides Mumbai 2024 CTF is an individual-based challenge.
  • Rule 8: Winning participants must submit a brief report detailing their solutions to the challenges.
  • Rule 9: Flag hoarding is strictly prohibited; violators will be immediately banned from the CTF platform and removed from the Discord server.
  • Rule 10: BSides Mumbai reserves the right to amend these rules as necessary.
  • Rule 11: Engage in solving challenges and enjoy the experience!

  • Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in disqualification.